I think that pugs are the most fantastic dogs on the planet. They’re cute and they’ll listen to you ramble on about all your human problems.


For about $100, they’ll slice you up.  Seriously.   The company is called:  PSDtoHTMLCSS.   As the name implies, they’ll take your PSD and convert it to standards compliant, cross browser compatible XHTML.      They did an absolutely fantastic job with my page, and saved me a bunch of time in having to code the content, so I highly recommend them.   They’re located in Canada.


Tweaking the design of a home page I’m building.   Looks like it’s coming along fine.   Now, if I can just find someone to convert the document to XHTML who understands ASP.NET controls, I’d be happy.   There’s a plethora of people who understand HTML/CSS, but only a few that understand it well enough to create a standards compliant page with the ASP.NET controls embedded.  (Of course, if I post a job opening on Odesk for this rare, skilled person, everyone and their brother knows how to do anything I require…  Yeah, right.)